Protect Yourself From Prying Eyes And Ears With our full line of Bug Detectors. Bug detectors are handheld units designed to detect audio and video bugs placed within a specific area to capture private conversations, and private settings. Our bug detectors help pick up and pinpoint the location of the hidden device. These devices can be placed almost anywhere such as behind picture frames, under lamps, in telephone receivers, and even in your smoke detectors. We have two different kinds of bug detectors, Camera Detectors which allows you to find cameras which you can view on the built in screen, or our Bug Frequency Detectors which let’s you pick up the bugs that may be listening in on you, but does not allow you to view what they are viewing. If you need assistance and don’t know which bug detector is right for you, please call our toll free number at 1-888-742-4236 and we will be able more than glad to assist you. 

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