Security Cameras

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Setting Up a CCTV System

Installing a CCTV system is often rushed without a thorough and well-defined strategy. Thoroughly analyzing your property’s layout, pinpointing critical locations that need monitoring, and selecting the right kinds and volumes of cameras are all critical considerations. This first step is essential for adequately monitoring your property’s sensitive zones to maximize the system’s efficacy and avoid wasting money on unnecessary equipment.

Optimal Camera Placement is Key

One of the most common errors that may occur while installing a CCTV system is where the cameras are placed. The system’s coverage area and video quality may be significantly improved if placed correctly, whether at an inconvenient height, too low, or obstructed by objects. It is necessary to place your cameras according to the course of the sun to reduce glare and get the highest quality photographs. Implementing a well-planned placement of cameras may significantly improve the efficiency of your closed-circuit television system.

The Critical Role of Lighting

It would help if you considered how different lighting situations will affect the efficiency of your CCTV system. Placement of cameras in either too-dark or too-bright regions might result in unsuitable footage. It is critical to evaluate and modify the illumination for each camera’s placement; this may need the addition of lights or the selection of cameras with low-light capability. If you want your surveillance system to work well in all kinds of environments, you need to know how illumination impacts video output.

Quality Over Cost

Choosing the cheapest cameras and recorders may seem like an excellent way to save money, but this usually results in a system that only works well or lasts for a while. Suppose you want your CCTV system to work. That is why you must buy high-quality cameras with the security features you need, such as HD video, motion detection, and night vision. Quality should never be compromised in the quest for security, as a well-equipped system is a critical investment in the safety of your property.

Maintenance and Updates: A Necessity, Not an Option

A common misconception post-installation is that CCTV systems are set-and-forget. However, regular maintenance, including cleaning camera lenses, checking for obstructions, and updating software, is crucial for ensuring the system’s reliability and longevity. Systematic checks and updates are pivotal in maintaining continuous protection and avoiding unexpected failures.

Compliance with Privacy Laws

 Ignoring privacy regulations can lead to significant legal complications. It’s paramount to install cameras that respect neighbors’ privacy and comply with local laws, especially when cameras may capture footage beyond your property’s boundaries. Knowledge and adherence to these laws are legal necessities and foster positive relationships with those around you.


There are several obstacles that, with the correct information and strategy, may be easily avoided on the road to a safe home via a do-it-yourself CCTV system. Making sure your security measures work by planning carefully, putting cameras in the right places, changing for lighting, putting quality first, keeping the system in good shape, and following privacy laws are all important. Deluxe CCTV stands out as a reliable partner when looking for the best monitoring technology. Deluxe CCTV is a top source of cutting-edge video and audio security systems. It has served more than half a million happy customers around the world.